Sunday, 16 June 2019

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Popularity in Baby Shoes Can Be Explained

Popularity of Baby Shoes

Learning More About the Popularity of Baby Shoes

With more families doing outdoor activities even with young ones in tow, it is essential that their babies are well protected from the elements and from any injuries that might occur.  The popularity of baby shoes as part of that safety protocol has also grown in acceptance.  You shouldn’t discount this simple purchase, especially if your family is very active.

Why Do We Need Baby Shoes?

Many families go out hiking, backpacking, camping and so much more even before their baby is completely mobile and they are always asking me why their baby should have shoes if he or she is not walking around or getting into anything.  My advice stems from a hiking expedition that me and my husband went on when our oldest was only 10 months old.  My husband had him in a backpack carrier and the area we were hiking in wasn’t all that treacherous or difficult, and we had a basecamp that we returned to every evening. 

On one of our afternoon hikes, my husband was walking a little ahead of me and was navigating between a few tall bushes when my son started screaming.  What my husband didn’t realize was that there was a branch protruding out that caught our son right in between his toes and went right through his sock.

It wasn’t my husband’s fault and my son didn’t need much more than to have his foot wrapped up with some gauze after being treated and disinfected.  However, this was an eye-opening experience that I have never wanted to repeat with any of my children.  Although this may sound like just a fluke incident, it is situations like this that have me advising parents to take a little more precaution that could make all the difference.

Are There Differences In Baby Shoes?

You wouldn’t think that there is much difference in the types of baby shoes out there, but if you do a little bit of study, you will find out that due to the popularity in baby shoes that many manufacturers have come up with some absolutely crazy solutions to sell to you. Be extremely careful that you are not purchasing any hard-soled shoes for any child under 4 years old, and do not buy shoes that try to mold their little feet into a specific shape. 

Baby’s feet are not much like our own because they are very flat, have much more cartilage to them, and a healthy layer of fat.  Also, if you pay attention to the shape of the foot, the front part of the foot is not roughly the same width as the back of the foot, like most adults.  This is perfectly normal, but if you look at most definitively shaped baby shoes, you will see that this is not the shape.  Unfortunately, putting your baby’s foot into something so confining and inflexible, you could be doing irreparable damage to their foot. 

Look for something that has a nice soft-sole, is made of a natural material so as to allow their foot to breath and limit their time in the shoes.   I know that buying leather over faux leather or pleather may cost a little bit more, but any more, it isn’t that much different, and it could make all the difference when it comes to letting the foot breathe. 

Don’t Buy Because the Shoes are Cute

Going along with the above information, many of the popular baby shoes out there are not really baby friendly, even if they are the most adorable things you have ever seen.  This can be quite a challenging choice for you to make when you are confronted with the perfect pair of baby shoes that will make an outfit complete, however, they are tight around the front of the foot and will cause pinching on your baby’s feet.  You are not going to have a happy baby if their feet are pinched.  The shoes will have to come off anyway, and it really isn’t worth the cost and the loss of tear.

I have known several moms that have taken pictures of their perfect pairs of shoes and done amazing things from home.  Anymore, it is so easy to find just about every kind of accessory you can imagine to embellish, ornate and adorn your homemade baby shoes with. 

Or, if you don’t feel like you can handle the whole project of crocheting or sewing leather, you can buy a simple pair of booties or shoes and then decorate them up to your heart’s content; the semi-homemade version that has all the uniqueness you could ever envision. 

Popularity Doesn’t Mean Run Out to Buy Today

I know in this day and age of keeping up with the Joneses can be a very taxing on both your choices and budget.  In some neighborhoods, it feels like if you don’t have the right car, the right flowers and the right clothes to go with everything that you are on the outs.  This kind of mentality has pushed too many people into debt and caused unnecessary anxiety.  Most of the time, when you make the decision to be your own person, to not follow the herd and live the way you want, you may find many others are willing to let down their guard and break those unspoken barriers, too. 

Companies and brands wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t make you feel like you had to rush out and get their baby shoes today.  But, don’t fall for the “I need those right now!” when you have a much broader and better understanding about long-term needs for your child.  Popularity doesn’t equal need, it just equals another way to spend your money on something that may not even be noticed or recognized for all that you spent.  Keep that in mind and also keep in mind that there are many other expenses in the future that will trump any $40.00 shoes you might feel you require today.